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Customer Blog by Emma - Super7Coffee Drinker

We want to share some of the stories from our amazing customers in their own words on their experiences with Super7Coffee. 

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I’m returning to fitness after suffering a slipped disc. I’ve always used a pre-workout and since discovering Super7Coffee about a year ago, I’ve never looked back! 


My training is a mixture of strength and cardio, and I find that drinking ‘Attack The Day’ about 30 minutes before, really powers me through. It gives me an edge that other pre-workouts don’t, and there is no ‘crash’ like stimulant based products! In the summer I even make up a batch and leave it the fridge for an iced coffee! Attack The Day gives me focus, a mental edge and makes me feel I can do anything. Combine that with first class customer service and a great taste and you’ll wonder why you’ve only just discovered it! 

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During my experience with the Super 7 Coffee team, I’ve found them to be brilliant in every way. They offer a personal service with customer satisfaction being number one. They have a strong social media game and motivate me to push myself, not only during training but to become the best version of myself I can be.

Em x


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