Coffee Is The New Gym Member

Welcome To Your New Pre-Workout!

Cup of Joe before you train?

For many years most of us, myself included, have always reached for some Pre-Workout formula that had the brightest colours on the packaging telling us that it's going to crush our workout and have the best workout ever! 

Sure, some of the ones I used in the past did ensure that I "Crushed" my workout and stayed focused throughout the session. However, the majority of the Pre-Workouts tasted like feet, made my face itch and guaranteed I'd crash and feel like crap after the session. 

Caffeine is the key part of the Pre-Workout formulas but never did I think that the religious cup of freshly brewed coffee I used to have each morning to wake me up for work would be the answer and the whole heap of benefits that come with it.


Coffee Is The Real Deal

It's been proven, just a quick search throws up plenty of studies linking Coffee and Fitness. Once upon a time coffee was seen to be the bad guy but this power drink comes steaming in to out-lift you and everyone around you.


Here's a few benefits from drinking Caffeinated Coffee before you train:

  • Resistance training
    • Increases muscle fibres excitability - (Olorunshola & Acie 2011)
    • Increases force/Strength - (Placket 2001)
    • Reduces RPE (Backhiuse et al 2011)
    • Improves muscular endurance - (Carr et al 2001)
    • Spares muscle glycogen - (Greer et al 2001)
    • Improves endurance performance (Desbrow et al 2010)

So have a read up for yourself see how drinking Black Coffee can help you in your fitness goals. There's a good coffee out there specifcally designed and freshly roasted for you to try... I just wonder where that could be?

Take a look at the Super7Coffee Range - Attack The Day is a highly caffeinated ground coffee that cannot be matched by any product off the shelf... this is your next go to product for your fitness goals. 

Trust us! It has already been proven!


S7C Team



Phalanx Performance Nutrition  


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