Science Behind Caffeine

Science Behind Caffeine In Fitness

Super7Coffee have teamed up with Phalanx Performance Nutrition to bring you some solid evidence in the benefits of drinking black coffee for fitness.

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So lets get started...

What is caffeine in black coffee?
Caffeine is a naturally occurring central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. Acting as an adenosine antagonist.
It is metabolised in around 45 minutes and has a half-life of 4-6 hours.
Benefits In Fitness?
Resistance training
• Increases muscle fibres excitability - (Olorunshola & Acie 2011)
• Increases force/Strength - (Placket 2001)
• Reduces RPE (Backhiuse et al 2011)
• Improves muscular endurance - (Carr et al 2001)
• Spares muscle glycogen - (Greer et al 2001)
• Improves endurance performance (Desbrow et al 2010)
Best time to consume?
Around 60 minutes before training session or specific event
What is the optimal amount?
• Ergogenic dose ranges from 3-6mg/Kg/Bw
• 80kg athlete would require 240-480mg depending on sensitivity
• That would equate to 15-30g of Super 7 Coffee for an 80kg male.
To simplify...
An 80kg male would need 3-4 Tbsp of Super 7 Coffee, dependent on sensitivity.
• Naturally occurring CNS stimulant
• Beneficial for both resistance and endurance training
• Consume 60 minutes before training session or event
• Consume 3-6mg/Kg/Bw
With all this science backing up the claims isn't it time you started to
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