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Choose 2 bags of your favourites  Why not have what you want in a bundle!  

100% Natural | Focus | Performance

Created to help you hit your fitness goals. Attack The Day is uniquely laser sensor roasted to offer you taste and consistency like nothing else on the market along with an insane caffeine kick.

Super7Coffee is here to provide you with a natural alternative to the standard Pre-Workout formulas which can cause you to feel nauseous, shaky and crash from the manufactured caffeine. The benefits of coffee in everything fitness has been proven. See for yourself in our blogs.

So what are you waiting for? Get a 100% Natural Pre Workout in your life and see what happens... you will not be disappointed. 

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Not suitable for children, pregnant women and persons sensitive to caffeine

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Coffee FAQs


So is it Pre Workout or Coffee? What is it?

So quite simply this is just 100% Coffee. However this is not the normal coffee you’d go and buy in a supermarket or get served at your local coffee shop. The coffee bean we use has on average 83% more caffeine than your “normal” supermarket/coffee shop bean. We wanted to provide the most natural pre workout available and coffee with all its other benefits was it.

How much caffeine is in Attack The Day Pre Workout Coffee?

Our coffee works out to provide you with around 320mg caffeine per standard serving, of course if you wanted a larger dose then you can adjust your servings accordingly.

Where is the Coffee from and how is it prepared?

Attack the Day is 100% Vietnam Robusta which is "Wet and Polished" using high pressure water during the processing which means it is incredibly clean and free of foreign bodies. This process is unique to Vietnam. 80% of coffee production is concentrated in the central highlands around the Daklak Province. Most coffee farmers are small holders with plots between 1 and 50 hectares. 

What is the roasting process?

We want to ensure our quality is at the highest level for every bag that is produced and this can sometimes be lost when mass producing like other companies. Our roasting technique is unique and every batch roasted is via a laser system to ensure our coffee is perfectly roasted with the same taste and smell that is only unique to Super7Coffee’s Attack The Day.


What is Seven Crema?

Seven Crema was designed by us to provide you with a Lavazza type coffee. The word ‘Crema’ means: a layer of creamy tan froth that forms on the top of freshly made espresso. So basically you will get this each time you make a mug of Seven Crema. Simple. It’s still got a nice caffeine kick to it and can be used for a charge in fitness but we would recommend this for early morning starts, afternoon kick or to get you through a night shift.

What is Seven Crema made of?

This coffee combines a 50/50 split of premium Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, Eithopia and Vietnam, Indonesia. The roast is carried out under the same laser conditions that Attack The Day is produced ensuring a unique flavour profile unlike any other.

Can Seven Crema be used as a Pre Workout?

Technically any coffee can be used however the caffeine kick will not be the same as Attack The Day. Seven Crema contains Robusta which has 83% more caffeine than its Arabica counterpart so there will be a nice boost from a cup.


Why should I purchase my coffee from you?

This question gets asked to us all the time. All we can tell you is that our coffee is unique in every process from plant to cup. Our beans are single origin and not a blend which is what you will find with many other suppliers. We love fitness and we love coffee… it’s why Super7Coffee was born. Offering you an awesome cup of joe to get through the day or gym! When you purchase you become part of our #Super7Coffee community where everyone encourages each other to get out to work out and become the best version of themselves. Tag us and we’ll get you out to all our followers on Social media!

How can I trust you?

Please feel free to check our verified trust badges across the whole site and our verified real customer's reviews from around the globe. If you want even email Phil our CEO, he’s very helpful! phil@super7.coffee

What happens if I don't receive my delivery?

In the unlikely case, the package doesn't reach you we will dispatch you a new package or refund you in full. Either way, we got you covered! Reach out to use first and we will assist you.

I still have more questions?

Please email us at  info@super7.Coffee or see our full FAQ page